November and December 2018 

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Task of the Month 

Item No.2:


MARCH & April 2019 

A “pop up shop” style event that provides students from across Hamilton with the opportunity to pick out formal wear for their proms, graduations, banquets and other special events free of charge. This is an exciting time for students, and with your help, we'd like to do our part in ensuring that the students of Hamilton have formal wear to attend such events. If you have any formal wear that you willing to donate, we'd love to come collect it from you.

How it works 


Clean out that closet to find old formal wear, or pass along some new gear - if you're up for it​.


Give us a shout to have your items picked up ​​by:



Sending us a quick message on Instagram


We drop off donations to organizations on a bi-weekly basis​, or more frequently depending on volume.

Wait, one more thing! If you'd like to get your workplace involved (which would be AWESOME), please connect with us. 

Our goal is to collect 100 items for those in need

We have ONE MONTH to reach our goal & assist students from across Hamilton with formal wear for their proms, graduations, formals and other special events so they can attend feeling stylish, confident and proud.

Together, let's TO DO this.

Thanks a bunch for your help! 

 A & K  xx


 Organizations we are helping